Malachy Young, Ph.D., P.Ag.
President, Manager of Nutrition and Research

As President of Gowans, Malachy is entrusted with ensuring that the company achieves its mission of delivering bottom line benefits to clients, and that its team of professional nutritionists provides measurable economic value. It’s a task that he’s taken seriously since joining the firm in 2004.

Malachy believes that Gowans’ strength is its ability to understand its clients’ businesses and to do what it takes to improve their bottom lines. The firm’s success is a result of its people, Malachy says.

“Everyone at Gowans works as a team,” he remarks. “We work hard at supporting and helping each other in an effort to deliver the best service, products and value to our clients.”
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Neil Campbell, MBA, P.Ag.
General Manager

In his role as GM, Neil is focused on building strong working relationships with feed and feed ingredient suppliers to the benefit of Gowans’ clients and developing new business across Canada and around the world. His decades of experience in the domestic and global agri-business sectors have earned him the expertise to negotiate in the best the interests of our clients.

With his solid understanding of the Canadian feed and grain industries, Neil and his team offer strategic and cost-efficient consulting services.

“Our experts aren’t sitting in offices; they’re out in the field, learning and providing advice to producers based on what is actually happening on the farm as opposed to what an inexperienced salesperson is saying,” Neil states.
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Mario Ramirez, Ph.D., P.Ag.
Director of Nutrition

As Gowans’ director of nutrition, Mario is responsible for formulating best cost diets, visiting farms and finding technical solutions for clients.

Educated in Mexico and Germany, Mario has an expansive background as an animal nutritionist and technical consultant in Europe and North America. This international experience helps Mario and his Gowans teammates provide clients with a competitive edge.

“We’re a small, flexible company with vast knowledge,” he states. “The professionalism of the staff, our eagerness to get our hands dirty on the farm and our direct communication with clients makes us solution-oriented.”
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Clarence Froese, M.Sc., P.Ag.
Business Development Manager, Manitoba

Raised on a mixed farm in southwestern Manitoba and educated at the University of Manitoba, Clarence’s career spans more than 30 years and includes stints in government and private industry. Clarence joined Gowans in 2009 and is responsible for new business development, managing client relationships and procuring and pricing ingredients.

Clarence enjoys the relationships that Gowans has with its clients. To him, applying the company’s business model to help clients sustain and improve their businesses is both satisfying and inspiring.

“At Gowans, we stay focused on what really matters to our clients – providing a value added service at low cost,” Clarence explains. “As a result, we’re encouraged to use our creativity to enhance and expand the services we offer.”
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Nathan Hildebrandt, B.Sc., CPA
Business Development Manager, Manitoba

Raised on a livestock farm in southeast Manitoba, Nathan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from the University of Manitoba and later earned his Chartered Professional Accountant designation from the Western School of Business. Nathan has extensive experience in the western Canadian feed industry where his roles have included sales, production consulting, ingredient pricing, and key account management.

In his role of Business Development Manager, Nathan’s responsibilities include the management of client and supplier relationships, feed ingredient pricing and procurement, and expanding the Gowans business base in Manitoba. Nathan values the Gowans’ culture which enables him to work directly with producers to address the various production and feeding cost challenges they face.

“The Gowans team works to deliver independent advice with the sole purpose of serving our clients’ best interests. Being able to supply cost-saving strategies and added value solutions that positivity impact their bottom line is rewarding to me,” Nathan says.
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Tom Dowler, MBA, M.Sc.
Director, Business Development

After graduating from Queen’s University with a Master’s of Science in Biochemistry, Tom spent several years providing business advisory and commercialization services to various agricultural technology firms. Most recently he served in a management role in the Ontario ethanol industry while completing a Master’s in Business Administration at the Ivey School of Business.

Tom’s education and background are ideally suited to help Gowans’ clients as they identify various technologies and opportunities to further grow their businesses. He believes that the diversity of expertise and experience offered by the Gowans team provide a strong, independent skillset to help capitalize on such opportunities.

"Gowans helps their clients identify best value with a holistic view and without competing interests,” Tom explains. “We operate with the best interest of the client in mind and our team is able to collectively deliver strong value at the farm level."
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Gregorio Lanz, M.Sc.
Swine Nutritionist

Before he earned his Masters degree in animal nutrition at the National University of Mexico, Gregorio was the manager of a swine research facility for two years in his native country. He’s been a member of the Gowans team since 2009, providing a high level of quality service to clients.

What Gregorio is most proud of in his role at Gowans is his knowing that he’s helping producers become more efficient and quality-focused.

“As a Gowans nutritionist, I can offer 100% transparency for my client,” Gregorio says. “They know exactly what the ingredient composition is in each diet, and what the ingredient and margin costs are.”
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Vicente Zamora, Ph.D.
Swine Nutritionist

Vicente has applied his swine nutrition expertise at Gowans since 2011. He is responsible for developing feed programs and feed cost models for clients in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and monitoring pig carcass quality.

Vincente believes that the relationship between Gowans and its producing clients is a symbiotic one. In essence, the win-win nature of an honest, respectful relationship goes a long way to ensuring success for everyone concerned.

“Producers work with us because we make them feel like more than just a number,” Vicente notes. “They know that we’re always looking out for their success and that we’re here to help them improve their production and income.”
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Jose Landero, Ph.D.
Swine Nutritionist

Jose earned his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, then joined Gowans in 2014 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta. His research expertise includes utilizing near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to evaluate feed quality.

Jose is convinced that Gowans’ research facility gives the company a competitive advantage. He says the projects conducted there can help producers maximize profitability by reducing their production costs without compromising growth performance.

“At Gowans, business is always conducted with integrity and honesty. Whatever role we individually play in the company, we do our best for our clients because we work together as a team,” Jose states.
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Haley Leung, M.Sc.
Poultry Technical Services Manager

While completing her Masters of Animal Science from the University of Guelph, Haley also assisted in developing protocols, executing trials and analyzing samples from a wide range of experiments with broilers, breeders and layers. Her investigative background is well suited for her role with the Gowans’ team of poultry professionals.

Haley provides technical field services to clients and also assists the Gowans poultry group in their efforts to deliver lower feed costs and increased profits to producers. She believes the company’s unbiased approach to testing new products prior to recommending their use establishes a gold standard for the industry.

“At Gowans, a customer’s best interests are our number one priority,” Haley says. “Every day, our knowledgeable, experienced team works hard to improve productivity using the latest science.”
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Natalie Litvak, M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons)
Monogastric Nutritionist

Natalie earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology and Masters of Science in Swine Nutrition from the University of Guelph. Upon graduation, she worked in the Ontario feed industry where her focus was on feed formulation, quality assurance and farm data evaluation.

In her current role as a Gowans monogastric nutritionist, Natalie is tasked with developing and managing feeding programs, overseeing on-farm performance records and administering ingredient databases. She believes her past experience coupled with her commitment to addressing customers needs fit in well with the Gowans focus on improving their clients’ net returns.

“My biggest joy in life is helping others accomplish their goals, whatever those may be,” she explains. “It provides me with a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I have had a hand in helping others reach their objectives.”
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Evgeny Shvager
Technical Specialist

With two decades of international feed industry experience, Evgeny works to bring Gowans’ expertise in nutrition, production management, and cost reduction consulting to producers in Russia’s agriculture-rich regions. He’s dedicated to helping producers apply the highest quality feeding programs to optimize their production and increase their performance.

As a technical specialist, Evgeny works closely with clients. He regularly visits production sites and makes recommendations to optimize pre-mixes and feed formulas for swine and poultry. His understanding of local ingredients and production methods is invaluable to producers and his colleagues at Gowans.

“We have a strong international team in place with a great reputation,” Evgeny says. “Gowans has a world-class feeding approach that we’d like to share with producers.”
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Pavel Trefilov, M.Sc.
Technical Specialist

Pavel understands the challenges producers face every day because his knowledge and experience are grounded in farming. A farmer once himself and the holder of a Masters degree in veterinary medicine from a Russian university, Pavel has a deep appreciation for agriculture.

As a technical specialist focused on developing customized feed formulations, Pavel eagerly puts his technical consulting skills to work for Gowans' customers. His expertise in farm audits, feed formulations, and cost projections can help producers add value to their operations.

"Having done every job on a farm myself, I know what it takes to run a farm efficiently," Pavel says. “Teamwork and trust are the keys to success in agriculture."
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Hannah Facey, M.Sc.
Poultry Nutrition Services Technician

Hannah joined Gowans in 2022 after conducting award-winning research at Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph. Her projects, exploring the effects of black soldier fly meal on poultry diets, provides her with valuable industry insights.

Hannah helps Gowans maintain its reputation for positive customer relations by adding value to farm operations with accurate and up-to-date technical information. She says caring for animals is at the heart of the company's efforts to maintain its solid relationships.

“As a lover of animals, I look forward every day to making their lives as comfortable, enriched, and purposeful as possible,” Hannah says. “I appreciate that Gowans main goal is to ensure that producers are happy, and their livestock cared for.”
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Ruben Darío Garzón Suarez, Z.
Monogastric Nutritionist

Graduated in Zootechnics from the University of Antioquia, with recognition of academic merit for obtaining the best score in the Saber-Pro Tests awarded by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia. He spent 5 years in the primary production of the pork industry, acquiring knowledge in one of the most recognized companies in the sector. He worked in each of the phases, resulting in adequate training to make it available to GFC-CO and all its clients.

His greatest motivation is to generate customer satisfaction, through the transfer of knowledge and experience based on practical and functional aspects. All this translated into profitability and business sustainability.

"I consider that GFC's work methodology is unique in the market, since it aligns with the producer to review the greatest number of costs possible, avoiding inefficiencies and maximizing benefits."
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Itzel Bautista Borjas, M.Sc.
Poultry Service Manager

Itzel's Master’s degree in poultry nutrition from the National University of Mexico provides a strong foundation for her work with Gowans. She is part of the company's team of nutrition specialists who unite around the goal of helping producers operate successful and profitable farms.

In her position, Itzel supports the team in finding solutions to feed-related issues, assists with research trials, and manages feed cost models in poultry programs. Her day-to-day work helps producers build solid operations.

Producers who work with Gowans are fortunate because our team focuses on helping them achieve their performance and financial goals through sound nutritional and commercial advice,” Itzel says. “We’re flexible, engaged, and provide the best advice for profitability."
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Xun Zhou, Ph.D.
Swine Nutritionist

After completing his Bachelor of Agronomy degree at the China Agricultural University in Bejing, Xun enrolled at the University of Alberta where he attained a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition in 2016. His expertise in feed ingredient evaluation and quality further enhances the value of the services Gowans delivers to its clients.

Xun says the Gowans team works hard connecting science with practical industry applications. By coupling the latest knowledge from leading academic institutions with its own commercial-scale research, the company develops field tested feeding programs that improve net returns.

“Our team has a lot of valuable experience gained from decades of science and service all over the world,’ Xun says. “Our customers can only benefit from this experience.”
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Andrey Nasedkin
Nutrition Specialist

Andrey's responsibilities as a Nutrition Specialist are as varied as they are valuable to producers. His tasks include auditing farm operations and identifying opportunities for improvement, consulting with clients about feeding and maintenance issues, analyzing raw material and feed research, and making alternative recommendations. Anrdrey's busy but important schedule helps Gowans' clients maintain operational profitability.

A graduate of Omsk Agrarian University, Andrey has worked in Eastern and Western Europe and the United States. His international experience with premix manufacturing and practical knowledge of swine production are strengths he's eager to make available to clients.

"With my experience and the support of my colleagues, I can impart the most advanced knowledge to help increase client profits," Andrey says.
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Ron Wardrop
Business Development Manager

With over 20 years of experience in agricultural sales, marketing, and business development in Canada and the Middle East, Ron can help Gowans’ clients achieve their production goals and grow their operations.

Ron’s achievement-based background gives him a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of the needs of producers. His hands-on agricultural industry and association experience have contributed to his leadership and professional management capabilities. With these skills, Ron help clients design, build, and operate production systems that deliver maximum performance. He says it’s exciting to work for Gowans.

“Gowans is the perfect company for producers to work with,” Ron says. “We’re adaptable, innovative, and focused only on our clients. With everything we do, we have their goals in mind.”
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Jose Daniel Rodriguez Montoya
Ruminant Nutrition Consultant

With his Bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine and zootechnics from Mexico's Universidade Autonoma de Queretaro, a specialized degree in bovine production from the Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, and years of dairy management experience, Jose delivers expert advice to producers.

Jose works closely with clients, seeking optimal alternatives to their day-to-day production challenges. His mission is to create efficiencies and enhance profits for clients, a goal he says involves balancing specialized advice and enhanced market opportunities. Jose notes it's a client-focused approach that every Gowans client receives.

"At Gowans, we work together as a team. We're honest and focused on practically and simply making things better for our clients — by ensuring animal health, improving gains, and maximizing profitability."
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Miranda Buchinski
Swine Nutritionist

Miranda earned a B.Sc. in Animal Bioscience and an M.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan. With her expertise and respectful approach to client service, Miranda is well-positioned to offer Gowans' clients the most up-to-date swine nutrition information.

As a swine nutritionist, Miranda audits farm operations to identify improvements, consults with clients, and analyzes feed research. The bottom line for her and producers is to gain the highest profit per animal through nutrition and management.

"Gowans always has the producers' best interests in mind," Miranda explains. "The company's diverse group of employees offers a massive knowledge base for clients, and our ability to work as a team guarantees the best operational support possible.”
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Ashton Nembhard
Director of Risk Management & Finance

With his deep experience in animal nutrition and margin management, Ashton is well-positioned to help Gowans grow its business, increase its efficiencies, and increase profitability for its clients. He is tasked with administering economic feasibility studies and overseeing Gowans’ risk management program to ensure profit stability. Ashton is also engaged in evaluating acquisition targets to take advantage of potential growth opportunities.

To Ashton, Gowans’ flexibility makes the firm nimble, and its client-focused approach means producer profitability is the mission of every team member in the company.

“We strive to make decisions quickly in the interests of our clients, and we take pride in having the confidence and expertise to pivot toward opportunity, wherever that may be,” Ashton explains.
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